Our Nailpro Duplex Forming Nails and Nailers are the most well-known collated duplex nails system in the United States market. With this system on the jobsite, there is no more worry about the expensive labor cost for hand driving every single nails.

  • Precast Concrete Forms
    • Mobile & Modular Homes – Button Up for Transport
  • Temporary Wood Scaffolding
  • Wood Blocking for Flatbed Trucks and Rail Cars
  • Manufacturing of Prehung Doors

Both nails and tools are available in 21 deg. plastic strip and 15 deg. wired coil collation.

Dual Use 21 Deg. Plastic Strip Duplex/Regular Nails and Nailer

  • Tool# NP-9021D
  • Quick Change Adjustment Switches from Duplex to Framing Nailer
  • 21 Degree Plastic Strip Duplex Nails from 2 ½” to 3 ¼” lengths for Concrete Forming
  • 21 Degree round head plastic strip nails from 2” to 3 ½” lengths for plywood flooring to wood framing, and up to 3 ½” Framing Nails

15 Deg. Wired Coil Duplex Nails and Nailer

  • Tool# NPCN-3390D
  • 15 Degree Wire Coil Nails from 2-1/8” to 3” Length
  • 200 Nails per Load is the Best Fit for Precast Concrete Form.